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Litigation Model

For most litigation cases, the representation of our clients is organized around a dedicated two-attorney and single paralegal team.  The team’s attorneys consist of one partner and one associate, who are primarily responsible for the handling of the case, from assignment to conclusion.  We believe this “vertical representation” model promotes responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in the defense of the client.  This model also promotes productive communications between the attorneys handling the case, the insured principals and the insurance professionals responsible for each claim.  For larger cases, the dedicated team may be augmented, on an as-needed basis, with additional attorney and paralegal support.

In general, Vasquez Estrada & Conway LLP’s litigation strategy is to provide a comprehensive early evaluation of the liabilities posed by the subject claim and the defenses thereto, along with meaningful recommendations for future handling of the matter.  The objective is to give the client, as early in the suit process as is possible, the informed option of settling the matter or proceeding with the litigation of the case.  In litigation, we are both aggressive and cost conscious.  At the outset, we provide an outline of anticipated litigation tasks and a provisional budget, which we believe will be necessary to arrive at a specific objective such as summary judgment.  Our early case evaluation is augmented by reporting and updated recommendations as the suit reaches important “milestones” and as new developments emerge.  As the case approaches trial, a trial report, a trial budget and a final set of recommendations for handling are submitted to the client for consideration, comment and decision.