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Special Education Proceedings

Vasquez & Estrada LLP’s special education practice involves the representation of children with special needs, and their parents, in disputes with the child’s school regarding the provision of an appropriate education and related services.

Both Federal and state law, such as IDEA-R and the California Education Code, set forth the obligations of schools to provide an appropriate public education to individuals with disabilities. However, parents often find themselves in conflicts with school districts regarding whether the student is covered by the law, the extent of the district’s obligations and the manner in which the district proposes to discharge those obligations.

These disputes may center on issues such as the need for individualized assistance, health and nursing services which the child requires in order to be able to attend classes or the child’s placement in, or eligibility for, a particular special education program. Parents may find themselves at an impasse with their student’s school – knowing that their child’s educational needs are not being met, yet finding that their school district is unresponsive to the needs of the student.

Vasquez & Estrada LLP is dedicated to securing education plans for children which address their special needs at the most economic price point and within the shortest time frame reasonably possible. Our representation may range from consultations with the parents regarding the scope of the law and available remedies, to assistance with the development of IPP/IEP plans, to litigation against the school district, as provided by Federal and state law.