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Estate Planning

Vasquez & Estrada LLP strives to prepare estate plans and trusts tailored to the individual.  Each person’s estate, family dynamics and preferences dictate a unique approach.  To that end, the firm works with its clients to prepare estate plans that satisfy our clients’ wishes for the distribution of their assets while, where appropriate and necessary, reducing costs by avoiding probate; reducing the burdens of estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes; and utilizing various estate planning techniques to assist our clients in protecting their assets from creditors.

It is our belief that some form of estate planning is important and necessary for most people, regardless of age or financial status.  While the distribution of assets and the reduction or avoidance of taxes are important considerations, a good estate plan addresses issues for beyond these.  A truly comprehensive plan will address each individual’s personal, familial and financial concerns, which may include evaluating issues related to incapacity, asset protection, insurance and retirement income; taking into account the reality of minors or young adult children as the potential beneficiaries of the estate, and the effect a lump sum inheritance could have on either; considering unique family dynamics and how a blended family may raise distinct and particular concerns; protecting friends and family members that take on the immense burden of being an administrator or trustee from facing personal liability; and structuring inheritances through trusts that allow for a disabled child or loved one to remain qualified for the public benefits they may require.

At Vasquez & Estrada LLP we work with our clients to identify and address those areas that require special planning.  We then utilize our knowledge and training to formulate the appropriate estate plan that best satisfies our client’s objectives.   At the same time, we take a cost effective approach by avoiding boilerplate – one size fits all – drafting, and only recommending those strategies and techniques that actually promote our client’s interests.